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查明 英语

find out make clear

find out the truthascertain the truth of the facts都行

find out check out

找出; 查明 相应的英文表达是: Find out ;check out 例句:I hope we can find out about it. 我希望我们能查明此事。

We must find out the truth of the facts.find out 可以用 investigate代替

Find out

请查明后答复_ 翻译结果: Please find out the answer

find outfigure out

go on doing继续做正在做的事情 go on to do继续做另外一件事 keep on 继续前进; 继续工作 是同一件事情 continue继续做 例如Can I continue traveling? 我能继续旅行吗? We must continue to follow these principles unswervingly. 现在还是...



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