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寒假英语作文80字 30篇The way of celebrating the birthday Nowadays,birthday'celebrating is more and more popular with youths.Some people think that

寒假英语日记80字篇一:寒假英语日记80词 寒假英语日记80词 3)it was the third day of our winter holiday. today, i sat in my

寒假英语日记80字带翻译It was sunny and hot today. I got up early at half past six. I read English and then had breakfast. I

30篇寒假英语日记(初一水平80词以内)请大佬帮忙Different places have different weather.Sometimes, it is rainy in this place, but it is sunny somewhere else.In

60篇英语寒假日记80字回答:您好,日记是把在自己身边发生了的事情用笔记下来,作者必须是本人,我不能帮您写日记,但我有写日记的方法,希望可以帮您: 一

80字英语暑假日记网上找找一大堆,还是自己写写的好July 15th Tuesday sunny Recently the weather is very hot,but in some coastal


寒假英文日记80字,我现在急需各位请帮帮February 2, 2010 There were numerous accompanied by snow, had a very fun Christmas. Listening, New Year's

关于寒假八十字左右的英语日记带翻译July 6 2009 It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have


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