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find [faind] vt. 相关例句如下: 1. (偶然)遇到,碰到;发现: He found a few coins in the car. 他在汽车里捡到几枚硬币。 2. 找到;查明;得到,求得: to find the answer 找到答案 to find a job 找到一份工作 3. 看出;发觉,察觉,知道...

及物动词vt.1. 找到,寻得;发现;碰上[O1][+(that)]Newton found that all masses attract each other.牛顿发现所有的物质都相互吸引。I've found the book I was hunting for.我已找到了我曾搜寻的那本书。⒉ 发现...处于某种状态[O][O2][O4][...


find solver 寻找求解 双语例句 1 because of the limitations of traditional idea and the lack of implementof mamagement science in constructions area, we should do researchwork in the practice and find effective means to solver t...

found作为动词原形时,是规则变化的动词,其意思是:创立,建立;创办 found是建立,成立的意思,是动词 founded是found的过去式或者过去分词 found

googmail的 Attached pls find the .......for your necessary. 是最正统的说法。 hope all is clear.^_^

found out-强调结果,意指“找到”(书),这里面有了has说明应该用完成时 looking for-are后面用进行时,是在强调正在进行的动作,所以用look for find-help sb. do固定搭配

Please read my resume in the attachment。 不用强调“英文”,这是汉语的思维。你的翻译太中国化了。

Find是找到(比如找手机),find out是发现什么东西(比如发现了一个现象)

will find


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