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go home, get home, reach home, at home, home and abroad

第一 arrive home 强调到家的这个动作 一到家就...,没有做别的动作 get home 强调到家之后。 举例 i will call you when i arrive home .我一到家就给你打电话 i will call you when i get home .我到家之后给你打电话。(中间可能我收拾了一下...

stay at home


I have arrived home, so you needn't to be worried about me.

I. 重点短语 1. Sit down 2. on duty 3. in English 4. have a seat 5. at home 6. look like 7. look at 8. have a look 9. come on 10. at work 11. at school 12. put on 13. look after 14. get up 15. go shopping II. 重要句型 1. help sb...

由be构成的词组 1)be back/in/out 回来/在家/外出 2)be at home/work 在家/上班 3)be good at 善于,擅长于 4)be careful of 当心,注意,仔细 5)be covered with 被……复盖 6)be ready for 为……作好准备 7)be surprised (at) 对……感到惊讶 8)be ...

home to 回家 重点词汇释义 home家; 家庭; 家庭生活; 终点; 家庭的; 家用的; 本地的; 本部的; 在家; 在家乡; 深深地; 深入地; 回家; 有家; 朝向; 自动导航

七上I. 重点短语1. Sit down2. on duty3. in English4. have a seat5. at home6. look like7. look at8. have a look9. come on10. at work11. at school12. put on13. look after14. get up15. go shopping1. help sb. do sth.2. What about…?3...


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