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找出 查明用英语怎么说

找出; 查明 相应的英文表达是: Find out ;check out 例句:I hope we can find out about it. 我希望我们能查明此事。

We must find out the truth of the facts.find out 可以用 investigate代替

查明事实的英语翻译 查明事实_百度翻译 查明事实 [词典] [法] fact-finding; In modern legal system, by encouraging the co-operation of fact-finder and parties, it provides the. 进行更多翻译

find out the truthascertain the truth of the facts都行

请查明后答复_ 翻译结果: Please find out the answer

英文原文: Police are trying to find out who killed Lewis 英式音标: [pəˈliːs] [ɑː] [ˈtraɪɪŋ] [tə; before a vowel; tʊ; stressed; tuː] [faɪnd] [aʊt] [huː; h&#...

Please help me find out the ticket from Beijing to Tianjin today. 望采纳,谢谢!

Have you figure out who broke your window?

Finally, the policeman found out who is the real murder.

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